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In automobiles, the speed of the engine can be controlled by varying the amount of fuel and air supplied to the engine. For this throttle system is used. Previously, a mechanical linkage was attached to the throttle pedal by which the butterfly valve of the throttle system was controlled. When the driver hits the accelerator cable the valve used to open wide which causes high flow of fuel or air thereby increasing the speed of the vehicle.


Gang Box

Om-Engineering AC/DC enclosed switching power supplies feature complete EMC tests and protections, high efficiency and wide selection. Its AC/DC switched-mode power supply (SMPS) withstands 300VAC surge input for 5 seconds. 305RAC (305Vin reliable under all conditions) AC to DC SMPS module included. 305RAC Series is a collection of AC/DC converters that can run from nominal 85 VAC up to 305 VAC and are safety certified to UL/IEC/EN standards, with CB Reports.