Sheet Metal

Clip for Street Light

The tools used in the automotive industry to build or modify vehicles should be reliable in terms of performance and outcome. We understand the needs of the industry and each individual fabricator. Each part of the car should be fabricated to perfection to ensure smooth functioning of the entire car. To achieve this, the tools need to be perfect.

Throttle Bracket

Brackets are connecting devices used to join two objects. In architecture, they may be made of wood or stone and used to join walls with features like parapets or eaves. In engineering, however, they are often made of sheet metal and used to support objects like shelving, countertops, flooring, sections of furniture, and mounted televisions.

Curler Cover

Curling sheet metal is the process of adding a hollow, circular roll to the edge of the sheet.  The curled edge provides strength to the edge and makes it safe for handling.  Curling is different than a tear drop hem because in a curl the edge finishes inside itself, where a hem leaves the initial edge exposed. Sheet Metal Hems are formed using very different methods, though produces features with similar uses and functionality.  Curls are most often used to remove a sharp untreated edge and make it safe for handling.

Dryer Parts

Sheet metal parts are very common in the automotive, appliance and controls industries (refrigerator, clothes dryers, washers, air conditioners, furnaces, TVs, coffee makers, etc.). Most of these parts are made from cold rolled steel coil stock. Typical thicknesses for various parts will be as thin as .005” up to .093” or more.

Medical Parts (Blades)

Om Engineering is a world-wide manufacturer and supplier of premium quality surgicals Blades, Medical Knives, Custom Scalpels, Medical Saw Blades and their assemblies for all medical specialties and applications including general surgery, orthopedic,breast biopsy, cardiovascular, endoscopic, nerulogy, and ophthalmic. Our precision surgical blades and scalpels are manufactured from a wide range of 300 and 400 series medical grade stainless steels.

U Clip for Door Lock

We are offering Electric Motor Casting to our clients. To electric motor manufacturers we provide castings in motor bodies with Colline fins and end cover in bulk to meet the requirements of the clients. These products are manufactured using supreme quality raw material which provide resistance to corrosion and durability. Owing the quality conscious manufacturer we strive to match the international standard quality.

Motor Cover

Throttle system present in the automobiles monitors and controls the fluid flow in the engine. The power of the vehicle engine can be controlled by changing the air-fuel ratio of the engine which is done by constrictions of the Throttle. The throttle is known as accelerator pedal in cars, thrust lever in aircraft, and as a regulator in steam-powered engines. Modern automobiles operate on the drive-by-wire system.